I Needed Deodorant Designed for Sensitive Skin

I had used the same brand of deodorant for nearly ten years when it started to give me problems. It started with a bunch of red dots around my underarms, and that quickly turned into a very painful rash. I made an appointment with a dermatologist, and she explained that I would need to start using a deodorant for sensative skin. I told her that I had used the same deodorant for many years, so I was wondering if it could be something else other than I was using the wrong deodorant.

She showed me the signs of a skin irritation, and I figured she was right since she did go to school to learn these kinds of things. I was happy in one way that it was not anything serious, but I was also disappointed because I did not want to change my deodorant to something that might not be as effective. I thought that if my skin had developed some kind of sensitivity, that would mean that I needed to find a deodorant that was extremely mild. In my mind, I associated this with a deodorant that really did not work very well.

Even before I started looking into it further, I was picturing the embarrassment I would feel if I started sweating around others. I knew that a strong deodorant would mask the odor that comes with sweating, but I was not so confident that a deodorant made for sensitive skin would do the same job. Thankfully, I did do some research though so I could find the strongest deodorant for sensitive skin, and that is how I found out that almost everything I was thinking was simply not true. Sensitive skin deodorant is every bit as effective as regular deodorants, and they do not cause painful rashes either. It feels good to no longer have that problem!